We Serve the Community We Live and Work In

Purpose Driven Community Inc. was built on the principles of inclusivity, openness, community service, and charity. We strive to satisfy the fundamental needs of individuals in our community regardless of age, faith, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Making A Difference One Person at A Time

We are a charitable organization dedicated to initiating community solutions to improve the lives of vulnerable people. We believe in giving hope through efforts to improve human dignity and quality of life.

As a charitable organization, we concentrate on various community projects. Our projects aim to alleviate social conflicts, such as food insecurity, a lack of drinking water, and a lack of healthcare in the community. We will offer services to anyone in the Stateline area, including South Beloit, Rockton, and Roscoe.

Many of the people we support live on the streets or don’t have stable housing. Others are physically incapacitated and rely on the meager income from programs like federal SSI and state disability. We also offer youth activities and services that encourage personal development, stability, and long-term success

The goal of Purpose Driven Community Inc. is to enhance the lives of others to better the planet. With whatever they have—money, clothes, or time—everyone can make a difference in someone’s life. We can support one another and ensure the weak receive a livable existence.

Our vision is to fulfill the needs of the Stateline community, which are grossly underserved and unnoticed, by providing them with emergency essentials, food, access to transportation, mentoring, and any other needs that may arise.


Removing Barriers for Everyone

Our goal is to meet the enormously unmet requirements of the Stateline community by giving them access to food, transportation, emergency supplies, mentoring, and any other needs that may arise. We partner with local churches and schools to create a strong community relationship to help foster the needs of the most affected parts of our community.

We are confident that our efforts, combined with yours, will change one life every day. Only by being our neighbor’s keeper can we bring them hope and make the world a better place.

Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.

After hours pantry

PDC Inc. created an after-hours pantry for those that cannot leave work or who may not have access to transportation during the traditional 9-5 business hours.

Items include perishable and non-perishable foods, pantry staples, hygiene items, etc. Our after-hours pantry schedule is posted and regularly updated here and at our office.

The pantry will include an on-call basis on the weekends as well. In November and December, we also serve holiday meals.

PDC relies on daily volunteer power and donations from

individuals, congregations, civic groups, grocery stores, and others to work with shoppers and stock shelves.

Sign up to be a volunteer in our after-hours pantry. Click here to know how to donate

Mobile delivery service

Purpose Driven Community Inc. offers a mobile delivery service for individuals who may not have access to transportation.

The service will be staffed by our volunteers, and you can schedule it by clicking here or filling up a form at our office. You can also reach us by phone at [insert number].

We have been working with the staff at the school district level to offer this service to high school students as part of community outreach for college applications and other important academic applications.

PDC also delivers food, medicine, and other necessities to those in need. We help the elderly, the sick, the homebound, and people with disabilities in the community

Transportation service

Purpose Driven Community Inc. also offers transportation services to those who are in need. PDC Inc. offers this program to people with “special transportation needs,” or those who cannot transport themselves or purchase appropriate transportation due to age, income status, or physical or mental disability.

We reach out to local transportation venues for donations or a reduced rate for transportation to work or school. i.e., bus tokens and reduced cab fares.

PDC Inc. also plans to have car donation and reentry internship programs in the future to provide everyone with the tools they need to achieve financial stability.

Sponsorships & Recognitions

Every year, from January 1 through October 1, we accept requests for event sponsorships.

PDC Inc. encourages every event organizer to submit requests 90 days before an event. Please include the signed Statement of Nondiscrimination with your request (PDF). Everyone needs to upload the form when submitting their application.

Although we accept every request, PDC Inc. decides which events to support using its Community Impact Model.

PDC Inc. will also hold a monthly Educator Award. The recognition is open to all educators in the Stateline area, starting on April 26th, 2022. We created this award to empower our educators and strive to elevate their teaching.

Youth Empowerment

PDC Inc. connects with community members who desire to mentor or tutor our youth. One of our goals is to form partnerships with our youth before they go astray. We have individuals from all backgrounds willing to share their time and talents to expose our youth to other avenues of interest that may be out of their daily norm.

PDC Inc. hopes young people to learn to harness their gift and voice for the greater benefit of the community and the world. We cultivate passions and talents for a better society from early childhood to young adulthood. We teach the next generation about the problems and assets in our community, give them connections, and encourage them to accept personal responsibility for the greater good.

Get Involved

Volunteers are invaluable assets to the fruition of PDC’s mission. Join us in our efforts to strengthen the voices of every individual in our community. Click here for additional details on volunteering.


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